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Art + Faith Exhibition 2017

Throughout this summer, the youth have been exploring the intersection of art and faith. Below is a culmination of their exploration. This exhibition features the efforts of RCAC's grace 7-12 youth summer Sunday School class. See how the students have used art as a way to express who God is to them.

Megan Lane

“When I Think of Home”

PVC pipe, craft foam, cedar, plywood, rice paper, LED lights

It is unusual to come across a tree which grows upside down. Through the use of a “visual metaphor,” Lane utilizes her work to examine the kind of life she intends to live. Just as a tree’s identity is defined by the source in which its roots find their nourishment, Lane’s identity is found in God, represented in this work by a house. Through the use of an upside down tree, her work describes how she hopes to grow in ways solely defined by these roots — unexpected, precarious, and perhaps even peculiar to those who observe, causing people to wonder who God is. This work hopes to convey the unusual and unique beauty her life may contribute to this world through the growth she experiences.

When I Think of Home When I Think of Home

Jessica Wang


Adobe Sketch, iPad

Through her digital art piece, Wang wants to illustrate and portray God’s unique love for all of mankind. Humans can easily feel locked up in all thorns and difficulties of this life, forgetting about God, our friend. Everyday, He patiently waits for us to look and see Him in the midst of what seems to be beautiful distractions. Even though we may feel that we are stuck and lost and alone, He is with us. And although we may not see Him physically, His presence is always with our lonely souls that may struggle in this crazy world. That way, the toils that attempt to pull us down might allow us to be able to bear those weights with God by our side. And when we finally have a grasp and experience His friendship, we might still feel God’s searchable yet unsearchable kind of love amidst the scratches and pain this life is inevitably full of.


Melody Chow, Noreen Chan

“One Way to Heaven”

Paint, Fineliner, Paper, Microsoft Word

In The Great Commission, Jesus states that he has been given all authority in heaven and on earth. In the presence of such a mighty saviour, we may find ourselves involuntarily trying to become our own heroes and bypass Jesus completely. Even though Jesus said that the only way to get eternal life is through him, our ego can still grow so much that we forget our flawed nature means we can never be perfect enough for God by ourselves. Through One Way to Heaven, Chow and Chan convey that in the distracting and confusing maze of our earthly lives, there is no way for us to earn eternal life no matter what we’ve accomplished. In God’s eyes, everyone has wandered away into sin. But we still have a single way to heaven by a gift of grace: through the one who has authority over everything.

One Way to Heaven

Megan Mak

“Evergreen and Ever Leafy”

Camera, photo paper

We pass trees everyday, however, we rarely appreciate the beauty and the purpose of trees. Through these photographs, Mak intends to express the beauty in creation that we see everyday specifically in evergreen trees. This ultimately points to the creator of all things. These visuals are just an example of the things that God has made elegant for He makes all things beautiful. Even though it is only a large plant enclosed in bark, it gives off oxygen. God has created plants for such a delicate purpose: to give us breath. Trees remind her to take a breath throughout all the chaos and busyness of life.

Evergreen and Ever Leafy

Caleb Wu

“Splendid 40”

glue, double-sided tape, glitter, paper, gold foil paper, gold and black sharpies

I decided to make a poster that celebrates RCAC’s 40th anniversary theme, “Splendid 40”. I decided to make it because I feel it’s really important that God has blessed our church with 40 good years and I want to celebrate and recognize this blessing by showcasing it in poster form of our church’s current theme, “Splendid 40.”

Splendid 40

Justin Chan

“5 Octahedra”

5 pieces of construction paper, each ripped into 6 pieces - 14 x 14 cm.

At a first glance, geometry, shapes, patterns, and math in general may not appear as a form of art. However, one can observe the beauty of patterns and shapes, as it can be appealing to the eye. Chan uses a combination of colour and shape to provide visual contrast to this complex shape. God made this world governed by many rules of nature such as physics and mathematics. Art is found not only in nature or through the God-given gift of creativity. God’s perfect laws of geometry are beautiful in itself (though some may not think so when learning about it at school), so this 30-spiked shape shows a tiny bit of God’s artistic creativity. In addition, this piece of art is analogous to a church because a single module (person) is insignificant by itself, but combining the modules creates a solid and unified entity (church), shaped and bonded through patience and care.

5 Octahedra

Caleb Lew, David Tam

“Night Sky”


We chose to record us rapping because we feel that this type of music had a poor stigma among Christianity, and that we could reverse this mislabeled “garbage music”. The original artist of “night sky” is Asian, and his life story was something we both could relate to. This rap is about how the artist is amazed at God’s handiwork at night. He says that “imagination nauseates upon tall places and vomits beneath the night sky.”, the writer ties in different metaphors, from comparisons between life and it being a story, all the way to creation as music. A line that related to me(David) was “While the act of, uprooting tough habits is hard when you lack practice and your stance stays passive.” Growing up a Christian doesn’t mean I was perfect. I would do things that would displease God, but as I grew older, I decided that things needed to change. I’m still working on getting all the kinks out but it’s good to know that I’m not the only one that struggles getting rid of them.

Listen Here

Kelly Luk, Michelle Chau, Sera Cheung


Canvas, Acrylic Paint, Sharpie, Gelly roll pen

We originally were going to paint something on the walls of the old sheep room, but as it didn’t work out due to our inability to get a few materials, we switched to our current finished product. We noticed that we tend to mostly think of God in great, powerful things, like in vast celestial bodies, the mighty force of a wind, the heights of a towering mountain, or the deepest depths of the ocean. Sometimes, we forget that he can also be in the smallest of things; he could be in a warm embrace, a feather light graze of the lips, a piece of poetry or a phantom wind, the most minute of thoughts, the darkest of nights, and the brightest lights of heaven. Psalms 139:7-12 is a verse that speaks of how God is everywhere at once, and no matter how far we go, how deep away we hide, he will always find us. Though some people may not understand the driving point behind our pieces, it is our hope that they might be able to see God in everything around them, whether it is in the biggest of things such as a life changing experience, or something as small as a cup of tea, a random hug or a kind phrase when it is most unexpected.


Rachel Wang



In this photograph, Wang wanted to illustrate God's love and provision for even the smallest of creatures. The photo captures how, like God, the hand stoops down to the animal’s level. The image ties back to the verse Matthew 6:26: “Look at the birds of the air: they do not sow or reap or gather into barns — and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”. We often feel that maybe we were wrong about God loving us, or even that He isn’t real. She hopes that through this photo, people who feel abandoned will be reminded that they aren’t forgotten.

Enoch, Titus, Jack


Charcoal on paper

The two black beings that are armed with the sticks represent the cruelty and torture within our daily life in this mortal world, and the person on the floor represents us as human beings proclaiming the holy world of God, being beaten by the personifications of torture and cruelty. The doves on the right side represent freedom releasing us from the world, sending us away to heaven and becoming God’s people. The art project is inspired by Romans 8:18: “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” Thank you for taking your time to view our work.


Jocelyn, Samantha

“Faith Is The Victory”

Cardboard, paint, photos, cotton balls, confetti, wooden cubes, Sharpie markers, glitter glue, stickers

Each little pixel represents a follower of Christ: fragile and vulnerable. Without God, nothing can be done, but with God’s love we are pulled together to become stronger and build on each other, like how the little pixels are building on each other. God is amazing, and He is our “rainbow” in our faith! This piece of art is describing how our faith in Christ is growing gradually, step by step together. It also shows a childhood story of us growing up together, going through fun adventures season by season.

Jayden Pun

White Christmas, Aqua De Vida, Tropical Oasis


These images were captured during different times of the year and in different locations. These pictures capture the various scenic views that can be observed all over the world. The reason for selecting these specific images is because they display the beauty of God’s creation. The Earth wields many beautiful landscapes, which is all there for us to enjoy. We can often be reminded of God’s mighty power by simply looking around us and recognizing the different elements of what God has made. Ultimately, I hope you will be able to appreciate the visual beauty of these different captures of God’s creation.

White Christmas, Aqua De Vida, Tropical Oasis