Daily Devotional Suggestions

By Jason Cheung  |  Posted March 17, 2018

"What's a good devotional to use?"

I get this question a lot, but here's the thing: Finding a good devotional to use is like trying on custom-made suits -- there isn't one that will fit everyone.

But there are some qualities of devotionals that are essential, imo. Here are two qualities to consider - as you embark on a search for your own:

  1. A good devotional is rooted in Scripture. The reflection or question, the entirety of its focus will lead first your mind, then your heart, to receive the Word of God. For me, a good devotional begins with Scripture, and resonates Scripture, and impresses Scripture into you.
  2. A good devotional affirms & challenges. A devotional that just affirms (or reminds) you of what you already know, is ok. But a devotional that challenges you also - is essential. Remember, you're engaging not with the devotional author, but with the living God, by his Spirit. Let the Spirit illumine your mind and heart, be open to conviction of sin, and the freeing flood of grace that we have in Christ.

Don't get to caught up with finding the "perfect" devotional. Chances are a devotional that doesn't "fit" you today, may be your favourite in another season of your life.

At the same time, don't settle for "good advice" devotionals (caution: there are a lot of them readily available). Again - choose a devotional that will impress God's Word into your life.

3 Suggestions (that are free and online, so good places to start!)

These devotionals have been helpful to me. They may be helpful to you!

1. Bible Reading Plan by Austin Stone Church

  • heavy reading of Scripture! but systematic
  • the guide on the right-hand margin (R.E.A.P. - is simple & very good!)
  • love that each day there is OT readings, with NT, gospel + psalm/proverbs
  • this is a straightforward Bible reading plan (finish in 1-year)

2. Valley of Vision (Prayers)

  • these are written prayers; old (language-wise); and geared for ministers, but can be edifying for all!
  • they are excellent, heart-felt, prayers, beautifully written with images that resonate
  • there is not much comment, or questions; but it dives you right into 'speech-to-God' prayer; when I'm stuck in prayer, these help immensely.
  • these have been encouraging for me in my own life;
  • though there are no Scripture references (like "Romans 12:1-2"), these written prayers are suffused with Scriptural thoughts, wisdom, and Psalm-like introspection and worship.

3. My Utmost for His Highest

  • classic devotional; usually focuses on one thought/idea; Scripture is referenced in each daily entry.
  • it is short (so accessible!), but Chambers' thoughts are substantive.
  • I very much like that one Scripture verse begins each devotional
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