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RCAC Youth Discipleship Process

The RCAC Youth Ministry Discipleship process is outlined by a 4 phase movement: Engaged in Community, Deepening in Faith, Transformed in Christ, and Missional in Life. Our events, scheduling, programming and teaching are focused on exposing and developing our students for each of the 4 phases of movement in our students ongoing spiritual journey with Jesus.

Talking Bubbles Engaged in Community

“Engaged in Community” is the first phase of the movement. It is the entry point into RCAC youth ministry, established through our two youth groups: Junior High Fellowship (Jr’s - Friday Nights 8-10pm) for grade 7-9, and Mark Fellowship (Markies - Saturday Nights 7:30-9:30pm) for grade 10-12. We understand that the Christian faith isn’t meant to be lived alone, but rather in community and relationship each other. It is a safe space for teens to be themselves, have fun, share, pray, talk and ask questions about life and faith. Small groups are used to further deepen relationships, and build accountability. It doesn’t matter what perspective you have or what your beliefs are; all are welcome in this space.

Sprout growing from book Deepening in Faith

“Deepening in Faith” is the second phase of the movement. Students are encouraged to not only be part of our faith community, but to also to take the next step of discipleship with Jesus through learning. In our Sunday school program students grow through engaging their minds by learning about how God acted in the scriptures and seeing the world through a God centred worldview. Students are encouraged to ask questions of what they are learning and to seek God in the midst of their constantly changing lives.

Butterfly Transformed in Christ

“Transformed in Christ” is the third phase of the movement. One of the chief outcomes of the discipleship process is to see our teenagers become more and more like Jesus Christ. RCAC youth ministry desires to disciple teenagers with an authentic faith that is both humble and consistent. We envision our students to grow confident in their faith, and to seek after compassionately God and his work in the world.

Arrow going up Missional in Life (Go!)

“Missional in Life” is the last phase of the movement. Being missional is recognizing that God has and is on a mission in the world and that we are actively being invited to participate in that mission every day of our lives. Students are actively equipped and given opportunities to serve in various areas around the church, in the community, and the world. By serving, students are invited to participate in Jesus’ great commission, encouraged to merge their passions in life with God, and to grow in awareness of the people and places God has instilled in their hearts.